Hitting the Pavement: Street Photography

Lecture given at B&H Photo, NYC

Published on Sep 8, 2016

Street photography has seen an incredible surge in popularity in recent years, and what better location than New York City to produce stunning street photos? From trendy SoHo corners to South Bronx housing projects, street photographer Derek Fahsbender has made a name for himself through his vivid photographs of life as it happens in the streets. This class will teach you how to create dynamic images, from candid moments to intimate street portraits, as Derek takes you through his thought process and approach. If you have ever wondered how to go about nailing that "can't miss" moment or colorful character, this is the class for you.

The Art of the Street Portrait

Lecture given at B&H Photo, NYC

Published on July 3, 2017

 How many times have you either traveled to a new and exciting place, or even walked down the street in your own hometown, and come across someone who would make for a perfect subject? The only problem: you lack the confidence or know-how to turn that opportunity into a stunning portrait. Derek Fahsbender has never met a stranger he didn’t find completely fascinating, and he has dedicated much of his time behind the camera to documenting those he meets. In Derek’s return to the Event Space, he will guide you through “The Art of the Street Portrait.” From building the confidence to approach complete strangers, to creating an image that will forever tell the story of the moment, this class will give you the tools needed to stop watching people and start capturing people.  

What Nobody Ever Told Me About Photography (So I'm Telling You)

Lecture given at B&H Photo, NYC

Published on Oct 26, 2020

Fujifilm Creator Derek Fahsbender doesn’t want you to make the same photography mistakes as him. Derek emphasizes the importance of understanding the photography basics in order to have freedom in your creative process.

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